Projects of the Company's business IT 3C electronics industry institutions pieces of plastic materials agents, agent for the internationally renowned chemical manufacturers the production of all kinds of engineering plastics raw materials and related products, such as Japan's Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics (MEP) and Trinseo (formerly the American Dow plastics sector) in the United States, South Korea's LG Chem.

+Who iS IMS

IMS is a Taiwanese-based company founded and targeted for Great China market.

IMS is a professional agency offering various material solutions for different product application requirements in IT industry.

We also handle electronic products and components trading for semi-conduct industry.

+Business concept of IMS

To be the driving force in bringing customers the full benefits of different material solutions & advanced manufacturing processes. IMS is dedicated to more than business relationships but long-term strategic partnerships. We collaborate with resin makers, OEM/ODM, molders, injection houses on innovative product design and manufacturing technology. Our goal is to offer integrated technology information and professional consultation to our customers.

To OEM/ODM, IMS provide total solution and value added service throughout entire project follow up.

To suppliers, IMS serve as the best platform and information channel in helping resin makers to enhance and develop new products.